Cartoon of a flying saucer with a Moon Rascal inside

Introducing the Moon Rascals - a unique collection of NFTs unlike anything else on the blockchain.
How are these little rascals so different? First of all, they aren’t computer generated. Instead, all 5000 Moon Rascal collectables have been painstakingly hand crafted by our female founder and creator. This means every owner of a Moon Rascal will hold a bespoke piece of art curated by an actual human.

Second, Moon Rascals are more than NFTs. They are part of a real-world brand that you can help shape. As a Moon Rascal collector, not only will you receive a host of incredible benefits as part of an unrivalled utility, but you will have a real say over how the Moon Rascals brand grows.

500 of these little rascals are already preparing for takeoff. Come along for the ride.


Some are shy, some are playful, some are grumpy and some look high! Each Moon Rascal has been named and designed to portray their own unique personality.

Moon Rascals like to fly with their family, even if they live on different moons. So, when they reach the blockchain, they will arrive with nine of their siblings.

Although they’re named the same and they have the same body shape, each one is different and display the characteristics of the moons from which they reside.

Here are a few of the little rascals in our initial Genesis Collection. As you'll notice, Pink Moon Rascals have solid bodies, Blue Moon Rascals are translucent and Gold Moon Rascals are born with auroras.

Cartoon Picture of a Moon Rascal named Jupi


Origin: Pink Moon
Cartoon Picture of a Moon Rascal named Orbie


Origin: Pink Moon
Cartoon Picture of a Moon Rascal named Orem


Origin: Pink Moon


Origin: Blue Moon


Origin: Pink Moon


Origin: Gold Moon


Origin: Pink Moon


Origin: Pink Moon


Origin: Blue Moon


Origin: Pink Moon


Moon Rascals all come from moons. Duh! But it’s not quite as simple as that.
There are three types of moons in the Moon Rascal Universe; Gold Moons, Blue Moons and Pink Moons. Gold Moons are rarer and smaller than all the other moons, so less Moon Rascals live on those. On the other hand, Pink Moons are larger, more common and teeming with rascal life.

This means that most of the Moon Rascals making the daring trip onto the blockchain come from a Pink Moon.

Cartoon picture of three moonsCartoon picture of a pink satellite


Moon Rascals are available for everyone (YAY!). Head to Opensea to find your perfect Rascal!

Cartoon picture of a ticket with a Moon Rascal peeping over the top

Pink Moon Rascals

60% of Genesis Collection

Blue Moon Rascals

30% of Genesis Collection

Gold Moon Rascals

10% of Genesis Collection

From framed collectors pieces signed by the artist herself to 50% off our brand store, whatever Moon Rascal(s) you own, being part of the community gives you access to a host of exclusive benefits.

Genesis collection benefits
Universe collection benefits


The success of our roadmap is dependant on one thing: our community.

As the Moon Rascals take over the blockchain and then the real world, we want our community onboard with us every step of the way. Our aim is to give Moon Rascals holders a sense of connection to the brand, which will grow as we grow. 

So, are we ready for takeoff!?
3… 2… 1….

Cartoon picture of Rascals in space rocket



The journey begins. We're so glad you're here for the ride with us!

At Phase 1, 22 uniquely designed Moon Rascals fly onto the Ethereum blockchain every week until all 500 are collected.



Get ready everyone! The rest of the Moon Rascals aren't far behind. 4500 more hand crafted little rascals reach the blockchain.

Meanwhile, the wheels at Moon Rascals HQ are turning. We're busy working behind the scenes designing and developing the Moon Rascals product range for our debut e-commerce store.



What a time to be part of the Moon Rascal community. This is when our
e-commerce website is launched!



The Moon Rascal party is in full swing!

This is when we announce our Phase 2 Roadmap, along with a second collection of new brand assets available to holders only.



These Moon Rascals have made quite an impact here on Earth!

For Phase 5, Moon Rascals will have its very own pop-up store, and will seek brand partnerships with established retailers.

And we did it all together!

This is just the beginning.


Our female-led team have years of experience in the design, digital and crypto spaces. While we’re serious about our Moon Rascals brand and NFTs, we’re a laid-back and friendly bunch who want to have fun with you on this journey. Feel free to DM us on Twitter if you want to learn more about us and the project.

Cartoon image of yellow satellite
cartoon of a pink space cloud

Founder & Artist

Heading up the project is Sam, a British-Australian entrepreneur and artist based in London, UK. Moon Rascals represents her debut NFT project - a venture that personifies her keen eye for illustration and business.

cartoon of a blue space cloud

Content & Digital

In charge of all things content and digital is Carl, a London-based Brit who's spent the last decade specialising in content and marketing. He's also a big footballl fan (not soccer!), tennis player and all-round sports enthusiast.

cartoon of a green space cloud

Community & Social

ZEUS is a seasoned community manager with three years experience in the crypto space. Having worked on multiple successful NFT projects, he now helps unique and inspiring communities grow and flourish.


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